Yela – Vehicles On Demand

Vehicles on demand. You’re in Bangkok stuck outside your office building. You need to be in time for the meeting of your life but the city is filled with a horrible traffic jam. You could get a taxi or a limousine, however, both will not get you there in time. With our multi-vehicle App, you can get directly in touch with a motorbike to pass through the traffic jam. Or what about a helicopter? We will provide you with all the options to get you from A to B as fast as possible.
Welcome to the website of Yela. Yela is an app currently in development. Yela will revolutionize the way you travel once again. We believe the future transportation will be ride sharing by connecting through smartphones. We’re all connected and unused vehicles are everywhere. At Yela we want to connect both. Bringing every driver in contact with the desired user through our App.

The App

We will begin offering transportation services available to everyone. We want to provide a platform for drivers to offer rides. These rides will be
  • From A to B fast
  • In a cost effective way
  • With benefits for both sides

We will be a ride-sharing application that can be used with any type of vehicle. Whether a Taxi or a personal driver, everyone has a chance to compete and offer rides. Whether it’s cash or card the driver will have his own choice as well as the passenger.


A decentralized platform which is ruled by passengers will make things very easy and convenient in most situations. On Demand applications now are more on the rise and easily accessible. The average person has tried and used this kind of platform now once in their life. It’s more convenient than ordering a pizza on a Sunday night.

 Coming soon..