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Yela – Driver benefits

At Yela we’ve been using different ride sharing, taxi and personal driver applications. Even though we love them, they can be better. With the development of the Yela App we want to improve upon these industries. In this article we’ll start explaining the driver benefits for the drivers who use our system.
Drivers can actually make a fair income
When driving for other services the drivers have limited margins on their trips. (between 50-80%) Yela gives the drivers an opportunity to earn up 90% per trip. Actually we will give 95% of every transaction back to the community (more on that later).
Drivers can always use their own car
There’s several companies which have certain requirements for the cars that are driven by their drivers. This means that only cars from a certain year can be used on their system. Most drivers therefore need to rent cars which only means more expenses, which cuts their salary. At Yela, no more. We accept every car for ride sharing. 
A possibility to stand out
Our whole system will be review based. This means that whenever the passenger is looking for a ride, the 10-15 best reviewed drivers will show on the map. This means that the drivers will have to work to get their good reviews, which will benefit them in the long run. We see this as a great opportunity to stand out, especially for the cab drivers in certain countries who have a bad reputation.
We are going to start out in Malaysia introducing our app for Personal drivers, Personal motorbike drivers and Taxi’s. Down the line we will introduce multiple vehicles to the platform. On top of this we will go cross borders! Wether a tuk-tuk in Thailand or a Tricycle in Philippines, Yela is at your disposal to charge your customers. 
We will provide you with the tools to generate income driving whenever wherever.