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Yela – User benefits

As a user, there are obvious benefits to using Yela. You get from A to B whenever you want, with any vehicle you want. Besides the obvious benefits, we want to take it a step further.
Referral system
Our referral system works like other players in the industry. You recruit your friend and you get credit to use on our platform. We, however, take it a step further. We reserved a percentage of every trip to go back to our community. This percentage (up to 5% per trip) can be earned by recruiting people onto our platform. If the recruited people make a trip, the recruiter gets a percentage of that trip. This is how we give users the possibility to generate a side income by referring other people. (which you are doing anyway, why not make a side income from it?)
Did we mention you can generate this side income as a driver too?
Forget random selection, select the driver you want!
As we’ve mentioned before our system will be review based. We will offer users the choice of the best drivers on our system. A map with the best drivers gives users the ability to pick themselves. If you are a female you can select the female driver or take a trustworthy driver.


Together we build
The majority of users want to get from A to B, affordable in a comfortable way. To make this a reality the only thing we all do is contribute. Drivers have to make sure they do their job correctly and provide a pleasant experience. On the other hand, users make sure they give drivers an honest review.