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Problems worth solving

Worldwide we have 1 billion cars on our roads. This number is increasing every day. Having this amount of cars is causing problems worldwide. Everywhere around the world traffic jams and environmental pollution arise because of the number of cars.

These problems might look manageable in many western countries today. Multiple solutions are being presented. Take for example the electric car industry led by Tesla. While many western countries are taking a step in the right direction, the traffic problems in South-East Asia remain problematic.

Cities like Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Ho Chi Minh City face harsh challenges to solve these problems.

The sharing economy

I’m sure you heard the term “Sharing Economy”, this is where we are heading.

The sharing economy is a new trend. In the sharing economy, technology is enabling us to make better use of excess capacity in goods and services.


An example can be lending your clothes to other people and collecting cash in return. You might have a beautiful dress which is suited only for rare occasions. It’s hanging in your closet collecting dust. One day you find a website that offers you to share your clothing with others and earn extra money doing it. Say hello to the Sharing Economy.

New Economy

Now we understand the sharing economy let’s take a look at our role in this new economy. There’s an incredible amount of unused cars, motorbikes, boats and other modes of transportation worldwide. The people who own these vehicles might have a rough life and are sitting at home. They lost their job and aren’t sure how they can make extra income in today’s economy.

On the other side, there’s the users/consumers. They want to move around the city in an efficient way, reaching their destinations quickly.

What we are all about is bringing these people together, and by doing so making efficient use of the excess vehicles worldwide. We offer people who own vehicles a chance to make a living, while we offer the user a safe and affordable ride.

When it all connects we are solving multiple problems, together.