Yela – Products On Demand

Yela will also offer users the possibility to sell their products on demand. Think of it as ordering a pizza from a shop nearby. Only now there are individuals and companies selling products. You either pick products up yourself or get them delivered. The Same principle applies as with the other parts of our App: Location based, review based.

You see the best sellers around you and whatever products you wish to see. Just look around you and find out what you need and have it delivered or picked up asap. Cash is not needed at all. Payments are all done securely from your phone. Even if there is a dispute, your purchase is insured.

Using our referral system in the right way will accumulate you with a nice side income referring Yela to other people. All this money can be used for purchasing products, rides or services.
Imagine referring all your friends and getting free flight tickets or buying that new TV. Even shopping for free groceries will feel like heaven.

Products and the people who offer products will be review based. Just see what your peers say to know who you are buying from.

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