Yela – Services On Demand

In our new app called Yela one of the main functions is the sharing of services. Forget about finding out where the professionals are, you can just view them on your phone. We will enable you to locate people who professional services with the touch of a button. You can directly contact these people and hire them to do your work or provide their service.
Doctor, maid, tour guide or just a physiotherapist? Forget the Yellow pages or Googling for what you need. We will show you the best people around you on the map. Select your range, for example 5-25 KM’s away and see who’s at your service. Get confident hiring them by looking at customer reviews.

Pay cash? Don’t worry about having cash to pay. The time of service will be charged directly on the App. The hourly wages are calculated automatically and will be shown before hiring. This means you can choose service providers who are in your price range and quality range.

No more days where you have to pay cash for jobs like dog walking and babysitting. Also no worry about recording receipts with help of a professional accountant. With our App everything becomes transparent and invoices are emailed to both parties. Accounts will be transparent as well.

We will allow you to choose whats best for you within your location range based on reviews of other people. We will offer the accountable information for you to make the best decision.

Did life just get this easy?