Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes communication goes down. Yela wants to help communities hit by natural disasters or any other disaster. Yela will be one of the tools that help these communities rebuild and communicate effectively together as Disaster Relief.
The services part of Yela will make it easy to locate volunteers or people who are equipped to help out during a disaster. No more physical searching or word of mouth approach, they can communicate directly through Yela and search for survivors effectively. People are easily located through the app and can request the help they need. 
The transport part of Yela will make it possible to request and provide the transport to the areas that need it the most.
The products part of Yela will make it possible for NGO’s to show supplies on the App and people can claim them and move to the pickup point. They know exactly what people need and can tailor the medicine, food, and other essentials to their needs.
Disaster zones with destroyed communication channels will have a new tool for communication. Through Yela’s off-grid capabilities these people can call and text each other and also request supplies or transportation. Making Yela an essential tool for disaster relief. Making sure more people are saved and supplied with their needs effectively. In these disaster zones, we’ll switch the app to humanitarian mode without charging. At Yela we know the problems we face together, we want to contribute to making disaster relief more effective and in turn, save lives.