The Evolution the Yela Smartphone Application

Yela was invented with the idea of being a Smartphone Application, the on-demand app for any vehicle as it would give consumers and vendors a huge opportunity to put any vehicle on hand to use.
When working our transportation on demand App we noticed more clearly that there were many more factors to take into consideration building this App. With on-demand Apps on the rise everywhere we decided to take a stand and combine 4 different aspects of the on-demand economy into one platform.

We decided to build the App around: Transport, Services, Products and Space.

In our opinion, these are the most common and widely used everyday on-demand services. We imagined it in one App with the ease of doing smartphone to smartphone payments. And on top of all of that, incentives that could be derived from just this one platform.
Brand loyalty is very low in the present day. People shop everywhere when given coupons, free gifts, free rides you name it. These incentives are great but do take their toll on the vendors more than the companies connecting them. Now imagine a win-win situation, this is where Yela comes in.

With Yela there is brand loyalty because we incentivise all usage. We help people keep connected to right choices. Besides that offering a referral system for profit sharing.

We connect the providers and users fast and exactly to what’s needed around you.

Yela App gives you the opportunity to connect to people around them for securely and with ease for the purpose of transport, services space or products. We went the second step further with our app and decided to built in a mesh network (off-grid capabilities).

Yela will be the first App to have unique data on offline/remote users. A mesh network is built by multiple users connecting on Yela together, via Wifi or from phone to phone data.

Yela is mainly a commercial application.

We supply and connect providers and users of on-demand services and only charge a small fee for payments through our system.We will however also introduce humanitarian functions. When a disaster happens Yela will turn into disaster mode for this area.

Now people can connect to each other on Yela and share medical supplies, services, transport or offer shelter. The App will then work without payments. We will just focus on connecting people to each other as fast as possible which is desired in these terrible situations.

Yela’s goal is to be market disruptive yet, be a major player in the commercial and noncommercial field.

Yela The App