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Mobile content consumption is on the rise as smartphones penetrate global markets. Important Features These mobile devices can do so much and with the assistance of apps, they get even better. Apart from gaming apps that entertain you, there are so many other apps that are designed to make your life easier and better and not to mention Offline capabilities.

What’s in the oven

They make it possible to find places, events and even buy and sell items right from the smartphones. With so much information readily available on mobile devices that are used every day, these apps have created a bridge between buyers and sellers, consumers and providers.

You can have as many apps as possible on your phone depending on what you feel is most important to you. You can also develop a mobile app that makes life easier for users. Whether you are an app creator or an app user, there are certain features that are extremely important and should be considered when looking at an app you are interested in.

Important Features


Offline capabilities

This is an important feature because it ensures that users can still access important information even without internet connectivity. There are however apps that fully rely on internet connection but if this is not really a must then an app should be able to function in offline mode.

Update and support

The server should be maintained and content updated so that users get relevant information every time. A good app should also be able to keep up with new features and fixes to keep it functional and helpful to the users. Users should be able to get all the support they need when using the mobile app.

Personalization options

Nothing works better for users than an app they can tweak a little to match their individual preferences. An app that makes it possible to change preference’s on

Nothing works better for users than an app they can tweak a little to match their individual preferences. An app that makes it possible to change preference’s on the type, of vehicles or drivers one that has other flexible settings is bound to be a winner among users.

Contact and feedback

Engaging clients or users is very important to any serious business. Feedback is of importance because it helps know where you need to make improvements or changes and on what areas you need to keep up the good work. An app that lets you share your reviews or even ratings is definitely an app that is confident enough to take even criticism. The communication mode used should also be simple and quick.


Users need to feel safe that their private information will not be leaked out when using a mobile application. It is vital for apps to have the necessary security features to maintain that feeling of safety amongst users using block chain sync.

Mobile payment

When an app makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for, it should make it equally easier for them to pay for what they want making the mobile payment feature a must have in a good app. Users should have an easy time doing what the app intended for them to do in the first place.


There are dozens of mobile apps in the market you can choose from to make your life a little easier and a lot more convenient. Yela is a comprehensive mobile app that gives you everything under one roof from booking transport and accommodation while on a vacation to shopping for products and services on your office commute.

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