Apps as Essential Tools for Travel.

Having a vehicle is great for a road trip but as tech gadget enthusiasts. I won’t leave home without my phone and with that being said, The phone today is a few essential things all in one.Your communication device. The Camera. Gps device with directions and most of all ATM locator. The phone is better to have than wheels as you could Uber or Grab your road trip! Essential Tools are apps.

Here are some things we will list apps for as categories to find apps in.

  • Travel Guides/Planners
  • Transportation
  • Camera
  • Utilities
  • GPS/Maps
  • Hotels
  • Food & Beverage
  • Currency exchange
  • Banking
  • Vaults

With apps, you can book hotels, send yourself cash, Stay safe and find yourself and buy tickets to go anywhere as well. I won’t tell you which apps as most are user preferenced. So choose what works for you.

These are essential categories of apps, information will be given, as to why and how they will help Not to mention some solar panel chargers for the phone and waterproof kit for phone safety would be useful.

Road Trip Solutions