Planning is the best resource for any trip essentials.

Hello Explorers, I am so used to doing things I love. I didn’t realize the truth of the ” do what you love and do it well and money will come”. That’s a true and wise saying. Oh well some of us are pretty lucky as we take risks and have or make the time but don’t forget the trip essentials.

In Asia, many of us do road trips on our bikes as its cheap and easy. There are only some of us that make the distance seem a stone’s throw away to our destination. Most of everyone else has cheap flights and running to the clocks tick to travel and as vacations.

Anyways The best thing to do to spend time with yourself, family or friends is to take a trip together or solo and there several ways to do it. A lot of people are always conscious of the cost and time being spent so here is a few things I can advise with.

Trip essentials

First and For most, A simple list for you.

  1. Are you going alone or with others?
  2. Do you gonna have a budget or it doesn’t matter?
  3. Are you sure that’s the destination you want to go to?
  4. Are you sure that is the vehicle you want to take?
  5. Will you able to rough it out or need proper accommodation?
  6. Are you fussy about food?
  7. Is it easily available medications?
  8. Are you versatile to wing it when it comes to doing things or a plan is needed?
  9. Hmm, are you a souvenir hoarder?
  10. Are you familiar with dos and don’t to be safe in other cultures?

Well if you confident about all this and ready to go let’s plunge into what can be a trip of memories and a huge world full of adventures. The alternatively you can follow us on our Journies and vote for places and stops and live vicariously through us.

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