The journey onwards.

This will be the first road trip we do, Hopefully, there will be 4 of us on this road trip. We are gonna wing it if it’s less than that. The Four countries we will be driving through will be Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. You will get a glimpse of the borders and immigration and also what the procedures are.

We will have dash cam videos of the whole trip.We each will have our own phones to do live updates on to Facebook. There will be an English speaker, a Vietnamese speaker, and a Mandrin speaker. The Fourth person Ritish, will be the driver and off the scenes camera person and producer. He will probably the only one not following any of the format set here.

What we eat and where we stay all prices will be shown. Fuel, food, stay, tea, beer coffee everything so you can see the actual spending and costs.

Each Trip is posted and will be updated here. Every one’s cam vids will be live from facebook or twitch. In the comments section, you can tell us where to go for the spot we are at or what to do? Do you want to know something or see something we will bend over backward to try to get this stuff done?

There will be YouTube videos galore as well we will dump all of it there for you guys to go through.Every week there will be on official Youtube video done with editing. There will be more info on the vehicles we take also.



Satellite view