1St Trip. Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City, Part 2 Kuala Lumpur to Paka

As This will be the first stretch of the journey, I am sure to have some teething problems. That is ok! Paka here we come. I have never actually been there and it is apparently a quite place. We try not to book any hotels or anything but just get there and see what’s available.

For every stretch of our journey, I will put up polls and ask you guys if there’s anything you might have heard of or want to see or experience something like food or waterfalls or something.


I have seen a lot of vlogs where a person goes here and there and thinks that’s what you want to see. Here I would like to do it a little differently with you guys telling us what to do more. I think the interaction of the journey would be more fun like that. Hey, even setup challenges lol. Anyways this page will be updated more as we get there as this is pre-journey thought of Paka.

The journey to Paka should be simple as it’s the highways and there are a million rest stops and stuff on the ways. I actually left out every country around my home base Malaysia. Why because its easier to do far away exotic places when your much younger. When you’re older and little wiser than its better to try out stuff near you.

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