What to pack for a road trip?

Deciding on what to pack is one of the hardest choices in life. That’s for me at least. I would prefer to bring the kitchen sink and the bathtub with me if I could. It All depends on a few things. These topics below would be the most influential of reasons to pack what you need accordingly


The Duration of your trip. A five to six days trip or is it a month to half a year. You will need to have enough to wear without the need for washing as often as possible. (The clothes of course) you still need you daily showers and hygiene cleanses.

Your Road Trip Activities will also influence a lot of what you take with you if you’re planning a hiking trip be prepared for such and not take skiing equipment for that.


Transport ok can you actually carry the kitchen sink on your motorbike? Well, that’s something I will try in the future. Whatever you pack should not be a hindrance on or in your vehicle and it should still leave you ample space to do whatever you need if you have guests.

The weather or season.  You need to bring clothes you don’t get hypothermia with or you don’t melt in the tropical sun with. Be aware of your cultural etiquette as well and be responsible towards people’s feeling with what you wear. When traveling most important this is being as comfortable as possible within limits. Do know the seasons you are traveling in.

Budget, this is the major decider to all the above. If you have few things and that’s that. Why bother thinking more? Minimalistic travelers are the best with their MacGyver skills. Do not forget Medications and Information(prescription) that might keep you alive.

Hopefully, with these few considerations in mind when planning and choosing what to bring is made a little more, easier and practical. There is always the tendency to over pack when you have a lot of things. Planning for contingencies upon contingencies but today the roads are well connected to civilization in the east.