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The Days we do travel the Schedule will be simple

8.00       Breakfast.

9.30       Get Ready with checklists of moving and filling into the vehicle.

10:00    On the road to the next destination.

2:00       Stop for lunch.

3:00       On The road

5:30        Stoping, at Where ever we are.

7:00        upload and blogging stuff.

9:00        Dinner

10:00    Who knows what’s around?


Pretty much a simple and straightforward lifestyle. We will always refuel when the tank or we are around 200 kilometers to somewhere.

The destination is a rough idea , We will not have anything like hotels booked or something. Unless we are going to be in a city and this is obviously to curb the cost and safety.

We can always have suggestions on where to go, What to eat and do and if there is anything special around to look at and experience.

You guys can live vicariously through us but do please have limits too , doesn’t mean we will be doing anything illegal or dumb. Just as long as it’s respectful it’s fine.