Fuel Prices and Road Trips.

Why people in Asia do not do road trips? The prices of cars are usually three times more than in the west. Example Buying a Mercedes car brand new in the west could be about $30,000.oo USD and the same car say in Singapore Malaysia or Vietnam would be $90,000.oo USD with government taxes and such. So you can see why There is a huge lack of road trips made in vehicles. Motorbikes, on the other hand, are easy to do road trips with and more economical with fuels as well. Ironically Rv’s and motor-homes are a very rare breed here.

The price of maintenance and upkeep of vehicles is also huge with the disparity of buying power of major Asian currencies. The other major factor is fuel prices in Asian countries are relatively high compared to earning and spending power of the local currencies.

Here is a price comparison of fuels to countries as planning is best ways to differ cost and save.

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