Roti Canai The Asian Croissant.

While on a road trip or just normal times most people in Malaysia snack on or have Roti Canais as a complete meal. These are Croissant like a flat bread made with fillings or just on their own. The Rotis can be plain or filled with many things. It has different variations all over Asia and is available from posh restaurants to roadside kiosks.

These can be eaten as sweet or crispy or “banjir” flooded. There is no ending to this Asian pancake. Traveling, I have seen it in mostly every part of Asia in different styles. The taste is a cross between a pita and croissant.

It’s cheap enough for students and strapped adults to survive with it being the second choice from the famous Ramen. These are usually consumed with some kind of lentil soup, called dhal or sambar. I usually love my roti canai with fish curry or some kind of meat curry preferably aged a day or two. They curries aged but the Roti canais fresh.

Roti canai can be eaten at any time, as a snack a meal or a dessert, I highly recommend trying one.