Nothing is Written in Stone when Road Tripping.

As I know the best plans in the world never go according to their blueprints. Never The less having a plan is a must be it an outline or fully packed itinerary. Thinking about what I just wrote its really funny about Asia and the west.

In The west when you take a holiday or vacation or do a road trip. We usually do things laid back and let it flow to how and what we feel. In Asia. People usually have to get things done in a military fashion accomplishing this on the list or itinerary made with stress.

The Selfie

People don’t have an attitude of holidaying much in Asia, and when they do it has to be recorded perfectly on some kind of social media.

It has to win the approval of friends and families and shows everything was perfect. In the west, it is less so as long as you had the journey and life experience it’s more than enough.

Somewhere along the ways, Asian pragmatism lost its ways. Ok not sure how I went about and got off tangent here.

These are the plans of how and where we will be stopping and traveling through. It’s not science and exactly what we are gonna do but it’s a rough idea.

1st Road Trip

This also being our first trip with us stretching every penny. We do need to plan for a few contingencies and make some rough plans.

We did want to make the trip from Malaysia to Thailand via the west coast but that is something done by most. The crew decided to do the east coast as its least traveled and when we come back go through the west coast.

Thailand will take up most of our travel time and hopefully Cambodia. Cambodia being cheaper and having more laid back style is somewhere I have not been so far hence I did not plan much.

Let is be more of a spontaneous planning strategy there. Don’t forget guys you can always comment and let us know if you want to meetup or want us to stop by we might just do that. Let us know if you would like to try some food or see something on the ways to where we are headed.

Road Trip Solutions is something that is going to appeal to all who travel. Stay tuned for some of the great prize giveaways we will do for your own travel stories.

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