4 Things to keep in mind.

Traveling you need to be cautious when in the airport. These are some examples of the Types of crimes and situations you should be more careful and be aware of when you’re at the airport traveling or crossing borders. Even if it’s flying or just plain old road tripping.

1. Please guard my luggage.

There is a huge risk these days of guarding people’s luggage. Gone are the days you were a gentleman and a lady and help people out. These days with the amount of security you can not risk being a patsy for anyone. Imagine guarding something when a security dog walks by and smells something … you will probably miss your flights and have a long time explaining if you’re lucky.

2. Nothing is ever free.

The road to hell is laden with noble deeds. The simple meaning yes it’s always noble helping and accepting something free like water or food. That is a huge risk as you do not know what is in it. A water bottle can be packages and closed but is it really safe? Do you want to wake up a few hours later with missed flight and missing wallet? Don’t Accept anything free that’s for consumption.

3. Cautions about chatting up or being chatted up.

Many who have been hit especially when in queues at the immigration counter. You get chatted up by a stranger and an accomplice puts something in your bag and when crossing the security retrieves it again with the second round of chatting. There can be many methods to this be vary of chatting to people and your luggage.

4. Do you really want to carry things for friends?

When traveling first and foremost keep yourself safe. We all have that friend or someone we know who wants to send something here and there when you travel. This saves them money and you feel obligated at times because they have done this for you as well.

Today you have to check what you are carrying and scrutinize or pack it yourself for your friend to know what it is and be safe. Do not trust anyone blindly with your own safety. There are many countries with a death penalty for carry even the most minute amount of illegal substances. Do not take risks.

Be wise in all your, travels and do not let anyone say or make you doubt your own safety and assurance. Remember when you are far away and do not know the language or restricted with many things around you. It is wiser to be safer and smarter.