Yela the total solution- Yela The App

We all have so many apps that just do one thing. Why don’t we have any multifunctional apps that are still simple yet effective? At Yela we know people are smarter. You are using a smartphone for crying out loud!

We aim to offer the complete solution offering an app that supports your lifestyle wherever you may be. We allow you to use the app with or without the internet. Wait.. without the internet? Yes, we connect all phones together to create a live mesh network. This network will allow you order, buy, sell, call and text within this network.

We recognize that some countries and people have a hard time using the internet. This is why we give an alternative solution besides using the internet.

Yela Road Trip Solutions

We created an on-demand app for transport, services, and products. We add in online payments without always needing to be connected to the internet. Imagine living in a community with no internet connection but being able to offer services and products with our off grid connection. All phones connect to each other and create an off-grid network to make offline cashless transactions possible. It’s not science fiction anymore, it’s real.

Yela will have multiple functions and also allows you to call and text your community within your range without the internet or mobile phone subscriptions. Imagine communicating with suppliers of products or services without phone charges.

This is the future, and we are going to provide it.