Trip Solutions ~ What to do?

Trip Solutions on a roadtrip Asia. This is pre-road trip advice for solutions. As most road trips I have done are in the west and they are easy. Roadtrips in Asean that’s going to be a whole new ball game. Imagine ten countries and starting from Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, back to Malaysia and Singapore. Then to East Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

God only knows if we make it from there to the Philippines. This is going to be a long and fun trip. We are still planning a lot of stuff for the moment and There’s a lot to plan that’s for sure.

Finance being a huge priority.

Running and coordinating with my app development.

Logistics will be delegated to Abby.

Insurances and paper works. (We are Asian so we don’t need visas for Asean Road Trip.) Holiding Malaysian and Vietnamese citizenship.

Video prep and daily uploading to blog and Vlogging.

Researching The things around the area we stop at.

Answering everyone’s comment and planning again.

Going out to do these things, Drive, Stop, Eat, Video, Drive, Stop, Video, Drive, Stop Check in, Research from the locals and head out to see what’s there. Video.  Well, you get the point.

Booking Cars at some point, Hotels every day, Flights maybe sometimes, will all be done with our own website links. I do realize there are so many ways you can find cheap stuff but I like to stick with Expedia a lot.This accumulates points and we can redeem them in many ways. After Traveling so many years and so many countries it’s just easier to stick to one as I do see the price difference is not so huge.

Plans and There’s Plans

Solutions to all this stuff ~ preparation one year now. Yes, it’s been a year in the plans. There has been a lot of delays but perseverance and hard work are paying off. The second App being developed is something of Pokemon go tourist App. This trip will help with the research.  The first App being developed is rather huge and it’s Yela.


The estimated time of Roadtrip Asia is roughly about ten months to a year and some days off here and there. Depending on how everything goes we will do more of Asia as well. We definitely need to increase the team. This will be done when the Apps are ready and hopefully, everything falls into place. So as you can see solutions are something that can only be solved with time.

Solutions to any trip. Keep your head on and make sure you know the direction you want to go and even when you find a place to chill out. Keep that direction in mind and always be open to new things. Be the blade of Grass and bend to the wind grasshopper. There are no other ways.

Most of you can work in some countries for extra funds but then please be careful as this Asia. When people flout rules here usually they are made an example of with stiffer penalties.

Have good RoadTrip Asia and hope you will join us and meet up at some points.

Road Trip Solutions