RoadTrip Asean ~ A must once in your life.

A Roadtrip is one of the best things you can do in life. Just picking up and going where and when you want. When you are young all you need is your gear and your thumb and you can hitch hike the world with $50 bucks in your pocket.

Sleeping anywhere you find comfy and where you put your head down is called home. In Asia, it all starts with having a motorbike and something that cost nothing to maintain but gets you from point a to b and does not dent your life savings. Since this is the first and basic means of transport when young it’s a rite of passage.

Whether This is done solo or as a couple and it goes long ways with saving every cent. Fun times and carefree memories. Yes by all means with more money more can be done. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will spend more quality time.


Then you’re all grown up and now with the kids in tow the family wagon is the best for these adventurous. This being cost effective and the one the only ways to have real quality time, rather than just booking tickets and flying off somewhere.

The real point of a road trip is genuine interaction and time spent with loved ones, pictures and videos and memories of backgrounds may bring you some nostalgic feelings but the whole experience in itself will bring a warm smile to you.

You probably need a bigger vehicle and preferably with the kitchen sink an RV or Caravan, mobile homes in Asia are a very rare thing. To date being 43 years of age, I have probably seen no less than five of them here and I wish they could be more and easily available.


The planning and cost go up when you have more people and more responsibilities. The care and precautions also increase. Hopefully, we will help you plan your trips with some sensible means without spending a lot and gaining more ideas.
The more knowledge the cheaper things get and the more satisfaction everything brings to you. Road trips are the same and once you know how, what and where things get easy and less stressful and more fun.
The whole point of a road trip is to spend time with yourself or with the important people in life and share new wonderful experiences not to mention road trip music. Music from family choirs to solo renditions! It’s some things you need to get on youtube.


One important factor I keep harping about is always trying to get insurance when traveling and make sure it’s something that acceptable in Asia. It is really cheap here for medical tourism but then again that’s planned. You also need to make sure for unplanned incidents.

Keeping your family safe and also free from accidents and unplanned injuries is one thing. There also another cost in the case and these things have to be in perspective. Repatriation of remains is a huge issue with a lot of legal red tape and costly affair.

Road Trip Solutions hopes this website helps you with tweaking your know-how and enjoying more time with your loved self and one’s. Always be safe and remember the most import thing in every journey is life. There is no value on anything else. Stay safe and enjoy.

Road Trip Solutions