Siblings RoadTrip

Road Tripping just happens a lot when you don’t think about it as well. Siblings Mindher and Surinder who happen to be my mom and her brother had an unscheduled road trip delivering things to my sister in Florida from Richmond Indiana USA.

It was about 5.30 in the morning when mom sends me a Whatsapp msg blogging away. I was just too sleepy to even laugh but I love the effort that everyone wants in. I was gonna tell her hey mom if this is it then whats google street maps for. I love her too much so, anyways here’s their trip by my mom.

I never did get a chance to do a siblings roadtrip but I did get to do a family roadtrip. That was to Boston from New York, Buffalo. It was one of the pinnacles of my childhood. Now it’s all roadtrip asia.

Well. I am glad they had a good safe journey and Heres the video.



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