Travel Malaysia – An Exotic Retreat in South East Asia

Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia. It is blessed by superb climate, ample attractions and some of the most renowned structures in the world. The Petronas Towers here is of particular importance due to its architecture. Malaysia is also popular as a shopping hot spot and there are various bargains you can get your hand on here.

Malaysia is an exotic land pampered by a tropical climate, blessed with immense natural beauty and packed with loads of adventure. It is the tropical climate of the place that allows it to afford a rich and varied floral and faunal wealth, making it a haven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Golden beaches with swaying palms and perfect sunshine make Malaysia a perfect lazing out spot too.

With a dozen of islands teeming with coral reefs, Malaysia is a perfect adventure place with loads of diving, snorkeling, and surfing opportunities. One of the most preferred holidaying destinations around the world, the country offers everything one would wish for a dream holiday.

The sheer beauty and bounty of nature make’s, Malaysia a place as enchanting it is. The tropical climate and dense woods make it a natural home to a wide variety of birds. The forests here are home to around 450 species of birds. It is this avian and faunal wealth that attracts thousands of avian-watchers to the land.

Tropical rainforests the covers the hills in Langkawi also afford a good population of tigers, orangutans, bears, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, monkeys, panthers, rhinoceroses and elephants, an undying excitement for all wildlife lovers. Langkawi is one of the best places here to enjoy the tropical climate. Penang too is a known for its sheer natural beauty.


Though calm and quiet, Malaysia has immense options for fun and excitement. A host of coral reefs and beaches make the land a hub of thrilling activities. The numerous beaches give out ample of scope for beach games and leisurely strolls. While the crystal clear waters and the corals allow you to dive, snorkel and surf. A number of marine parks have come up in Malaysia that offer a wide range of water-bound activities and exciting games. Langkawi is again one of the best places in the country to grab some bit of fun.

Apart from the beauty bestowed by Mother Nature, Malaysia is alluring for the urbane excitement it has to offer. The country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur throbs with a thumping nightlife. As the sun goes down the entire city glows as life pounds in the numerous pubs, karaoke, discos and lounges that dot the city.

Also known to be a shopper’s paradise, Malaysia offers a whole world of goods for shoppers to pick from. Think of a thing and the markets of Malaysia have it for you. From Oriental treasures to the best of world-famous brands, it’s all there. Walk the streets of the bazaars where tiny shops offer you the most unusual curios or go to the high-tech malls that have the best of brands and labels from every corner of the world.


A trip here cannot be complete without visiting the Genting Highlands, the Las Vegas of Malaysia. The only casino city in the country, Genting Highlands is a place to live the happening spirit of Malaysia. Genting Highlands are also home to two famous theme parks and the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Some of the finest golf courses and opulent of malls in the country are present here too.

Home to almost all kinds of hotels and resorts, Malaysia can hardly be a problem when it comes to finding a suitable accommodation. From splurge to the economy to budget, hotels in Malaysia serve almost every kind of visitor it receives. With the best of resorts and hotels under the most well-known banners from all around the globe Free Reprint Articles, Malaysia has the best of opulent hotels and lavish resorts. One can also find the best Spa resorts and upscale star properties in here. Apart from these, there are a good number of hotels for the economy minded travelers too. The country is truly exceptional and is a perfect holiday destination for everyone.

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