Flying to Asia? Why Malaysia should be entry and exit point.

Malaysia is the center of South East Asia. It has the best facilities of all the countries surrounding it making it the hub and main destination choice of many people. Not being biased but based on countless miles flown, flying to Asia. I would choose Malaysia out right.

Malaysia is a moderate Asian country as its a mixing pot of cultures and languages, you can jump right off the plane and not need to worry about anything as its almost like landing in LA. The weather is also moderate enough to get acclimatized too. Asia is wet humid tropical weather.

When you go somewhere and want to travel for a while. Then you usually choose a base from where you can go. From there you can go anywhere and come back to a familiar and safe point. Here’s, a few things to consider.

Malaysia has safe drinking tap water and it supplies it even to Singapore. Considering its the basic amenity it also shows you the quality of life comparatively to the surrounding countries. Hence medical tourism is also very much a thing here in Malaysia. With it’s state of the art hospitals to accomplished doctors. This gives you the basic idea of how the countries foundations are.

Shopping paradise with tax-free luxury items.

Malaysia is also the main place where quality shopping is available in every corner of every city. Malaysia and most tropical countries have a lot of shopping malls as its too hot to be outside and these become a meeting and hang out spots.

Before you go to other countries and haul all your stuff leave the shopping for when you about to leave for home. When in Malaysia you can always check out everything and when you go to other countries compare, but when your back to Malaysia you can always buy it with better quality and price.

Transport and getting around is a cinch with uber and grab. The ringgit our local currency is is 4.50 to 2 Dollar at the moment. You get a bang for your buck at the moment.

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