Yela the App – We are going old school.


Yes, there’s too many online Gurus and this is the only ways it works, kind of people. Yela the App – We are going old school. How? Do you want to know? Well, surely I am gonna tell you now.

For success to happen there needs to be persistence and perseverance. Then comes in the luck factor. Either it’s this or your cloning something and hoping it gets the falling crumbs of someone else’s idea. The App development industry is a brutal and cut throat.

Luckily Yela has partnered with a great company in India to develop it. Raising funds to do this has been difficult. The financing has been particularly difficult as people have their own formulas on what they think works or not. It’s not an issue as our determination to have this done is unstoppable.

The idea was to come up with something to build a crowd or user base and then generate enough cash to have the project completed at the same time, already have an existing crowd base to jump in and try and promote the app itself. Going old school is making money from the start with you business not getting 70 billion dollars to educate others how to use an on-demand application.

We created It’s a video blog and vlog of us going to 10 different countries in the Asean Region. Road Tripping it all the ways with a hand full of people and somewhere in between introducing the app and it uses. We get first-hand feedback and know how well it does and how useful it will be.

You don’t need to spend billions you need to know how to execute the plan. Not one way is the best ways. So we are gonna follow the hard work ways. That’s the only ways it pays off with smarts and hard work.

So follow us on there. See how it all goes. Yela the App – We are going old school.

Yela the App