Asean The Perfect home for Digital Nomads.

Digitals nomads have increased in numbers as the internet speed and connections have become better. Asean The Perfect home for Digital Nomads. The ten Asean countries Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Working remotely is not something new everyone has done it sometimes even at normal jobs. Today there more people out there who do not want to get stuck in offices or environments that are not creative enough. They rather sit, on the beach with their laptops and IPads to work.

This has increased in the last few years as connectivity has increased and people choose places where their money will last them longer and stretch to meet their needs more. Well, that’s what you call a job right. Sitting at the beach in Bali sipping on your Mai Tai and working your butt off?

Not only have digital nomads increased the jobs offered nowadays also have increased for such workers as offices pay for the work rather have overheads of insurances and other facilities they need to prepare for on-site workers. Places like and all have become go-to spots for jobs. These can be ongoing or contractual work.

Dream Jobs

Most of us in the past dreamt of such jobs and life’s, and today it’s a reality with all the millennials. Asia is cheaper has good weather, super beaches and the best of all foreign currencies have better spending power. That makes the one eye cyclops the king in the land of the blind.

So if you are thinking of moving out here just compare visas and that might be the only issue as each country has its own rules and duration of stay.  You do not have to pay for some visas and some you do. As you work for yourself it’s safe to be on tourist visas while you do your own thing.

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