Asean Digital Nomads. What do they do and how do they survive?

Asean has a Growing number of digital nomads. What are they doing and how the heck do they survive? Drinking and partying every night, waking up with copious amounts of coffee and whatever foods around and then working a few hours every day. The life and times of today’s digital nomads.

They usually seem like vagabonds or the usual carpet baggers traveling and clinging on to their gadgets. How do they survive for such long periods in different countries? Most jobs online pay in USD and that works out really well for few hours of work every day.

Travelling and working are, actually like bootstrapping a new start up you run lean and you run mean. Keep working with all the new amount of ideas you get and creativeness abounds not only that you bring with you the know-how of things are done elsewhere in the world.

To some, this is like their geniuses. Usually, people who are not in the thick of things see a clear path to a unique solution to the problem they are employed to do.

The Jobs

Most of us in common jobs and common daily routines have fewer epiphanies with what to do and how to solve problems than people on the constant move. These Digital nomads create jobs for themselves solving problems online be it coding coming up with new websites, copywriting, translating or even teaching languages.They do it better also because they are expats. Ever wonder why Caucasians are always expats and the rest of us are immigrants?

Back to the jobs and their survival techniques. These Digital nomads are by no ways dull or blunt tools from the shed. They are brought in the world where SEO and websites and online e-commerce is the usual stuff. They were born into it and they were somehow made for this.

The normal traveler works in the bar or does some odd jobs here and there. They use their physical abilities. The Digital nomad, on the other hand, uses only their brains and wits.

This is how they make it and keep moving through countries and enjoying life as they creativity that comes with the experience actually pays off. Some of them even have ended up opening companies or making apps or some huge digital projects while on their travels only to finish their journeys retired.

Here is the Kicker does a digital nomad get a job when he retires?

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