Looking at the cost of a Road Trip in Asia.

The most important thing before the roadtrip is looking at the cost of the road trip. The are few hidden cost and then there is a few more obvious cost. A tight control of your budget is needed. Like anything that you spend money on, everything can just go over budget and you might have to cut your trip short.

The few obvious costs are hotels and meals these can be planned for or can be done on the spot depending on where you and how you planned the trip. These are essentials and depending on a number of people and if you’re all sharing in it can be reduced to a degree you want.

Obvious Cost

Fuel and snacks are something also very obvious but don’t go over budget buying junk as temptation always makes you buy more when you are hungry. Spend on food that’s good for you fuel that’s good for the vehicle. Have a tool kit and first aid kit handy as well as spare jerry can.

Most Asian Highways always have toll booths and rest stops, some without atm’s so make sure you have a safe amount of cash with you when traveling for any such incidents. These are the obvious costs of making the trip and there are hidden costs.

The hidden costs are tires for the car. Repairs. These might be overlooked but can save you a lot. having good tires always helps and having a look over the car from a mechanic might save your from some other mechanics trying to make a quick buck out of you when you might have a problem with your vehicle.

Hidden Cost

Do not forget data for your phone or calls you need to make roaming charges on both can be huge and you need both to have any kind of GPS navigation working. Waze and google maps (app) are great and free but do use a lot of data. Depending on the country and duration of your stay it might be wise just to buy a local sim pack.

When buying insurance make sure you do not be penny wise and pound foolish. Make sure its comprehensive insurance for more days then you stay and also make sure that you have some kind of health insurance as well. These are hidden costs as you usually overlook most of them.

Have a Safe and fun RoadTrip.

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