How Much Does It Cost to Create an App like Pokémon Go?

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Have you ever thought of how fast a mobile app can go viral and turn into a mind-blowing group addiction? That is exactly what happened to PokémonGo.

Balancing between the real and virtual worlds,the game has become not only a form of super popular digital entertainment but also a true social phenomenon.

Let’s delve deeper to know find the key to such an apps popularity.

And of course, we are going to answer the question: “How much does it cost to create an app like Pokémon Go?” Pokémon Go is a new game on the market with elements of augmented reality for iOS and Android-based mobile devices.

Pokémon Go uses your device’s GPS to track your location and camera to virtually superimpose reality with the popular Japanese media franchise characters – Pokémon.

Then the game turns on your device’s camera and you see a Pokémon in front of you, just like part of the real world.

Your goal is to try to capture the tiny anime creature with a ‘Pokeball’.

The higher level you achieve, the more gaming possibilities you gain: your selected Pokémon can be trained in ‘gyms’ based in popular locations across different cities.

For what? Of course to fight other Pokémon owners to become the Pokémon master.

To know the price, we should figure out what’s distinct about Pokémon Go mobile game.

In fact, we are about to create a recipe for success using three winning ‘ingredients’.

Everything starts with an idea.

The Pokémon Go creators celebrate the original idea that ‘Pokémon are all around us’, which goes back twenty years.

Some say that Pokémon Go game’s tremendous success derives from the nostalgic feelings of those who enjoyed the Pokémon series.

The Technology.

The gameplay of Pokémon Go is determined by your geographical location and AR technology.

It also depends on Pokémon Gyms and PokéStops.

Even the type of Pokémon you can catch dependson where you are.

Augmented reality mode complements your surroundings with computer generated creatures and lets players interact with them.

The Unique approach.

What truly distinguishes Pokémon Go from tons of other mobile games is the way you play it.

Get up, get out and explore! That’s the motto.

You actually travel to the real world to discover and capture Pokémon, you explore the game’s map and visit PokéStops and gyms.

Being a multiplayer, the game lets you socialize and feel as if you are part of a team while playing.

So, what technologies empower Pokémon Go? Considering that we are talking about a complicated mobile game for both mobile platforms – iOS and Android, the amount of money you are going to need if you decide to create a gaming app is going to be rather significant.

The mobile game development alone can take a team up to three years, not counting the expensive tools and game servers needed to create and maintain the game.

You may have heard of various engines for mobile games creation, both 2D and 3D, like Unity 3D game development engine.

Pokémon Go is a Unity-powered mobile world that builds off real-life maps.

Just for the record, the simplest Unity3D game you can imagine will cost you $50,000 at the very least.

Pokémon Go uses the device’s camera to place an image of a Pokémon somewhere around you, and the GPS, accelerometer, and compass to know which direction you should point and move toward.

Using one of the many existing AR packages for Unity3D, it is possible to add augmented reality mode to any Unity-powered app.

Sure, depending on the complexity, the price can shoot up to over 1 million dollars.

The minimum cost for a Unity 3D development should include expenses for the Game Designer, Programmer, Art and Animation, Audio, Quality Assurance, and, of course, for the license purchase.

So, now you can see what takes the biggest part of the budget for a game like Pokémon Go, it’s the building cost.

If you decide to add some features to enhance the player’s experience, the application cost will rise.

See for yourself.

The implementation of Location awareness viaGPS will take another 40+ hours, which adds another few thousand dollars to the game cost.

If you want to add in-app purchase functionality to your app, you should budget for a further 70-100 hours of development time.

Push notifications will take another 40 extra hours of development.

All in all, if you add up all the costs, you’ll realize this project is incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

Creating something less sophisticated, but no less exciting could be an option for a start.

Anyway, you’ll never know exactly why one particular app goes viral, so if you have an idea, don’t hesitate to turn it into reality.

The simplest Unity-powered game will cost you at least $50,000.

Expenses will include game design (however,don’t expect elaborate graphics), game development and quality assurance.

Any extra features, like location awareness,in-app purchases, augmented reality integration, and anything you can think of will all add to your app cost.

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Now you know the cost of a successful mobile game.

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Source: Youtube