How to motorbike Vietnam Roadtrip

Cold and stupid who lets their bike run out of petrol? Moi some people have gone the other way I think to get some hopefully, ahh I’m so stupid I’ve always had a love of engines ‘what’s their’ that small blond thing is me age rediscovering my passion for anything that’s got wheels I’d heard of this thing you can do where you buy a motorbike and ride it from one end to the other end of Vietnam selling your bike for the same price as you’d brought it for.

This sounded awesome I could finally own an engine.

There are four steps that have to be taken before leaving either Hanoi or chi Minh on the motorbike step one which city to leave from most people leave from chi Minh I did the opposite you see there are lots of motorbikers trying to sell their bike in Hanoi and hardly any in ho chi Minh meaning leaving from Hanoi a you have a cheaper bike and b you can easily sell it when your in ho chi min the second step getting equipment this consist of a pair of genes trainers a long sleeve jacket helmet biker gloves and finally getting the motorbike black rose black rose was a honda win 110 cc bought for 230 dollars from AJ another backpacker ‘got a bike now’ the third step was establishing a basic route there are two main ways you can do this journey either the ho chi main highway or highway one.

Highway one is scary dangerous and just not worth it, it’s the main shipping lane down Vietnam and has way to many drugged up truck drivers going along so I chose the quieter and more beautiful option the ho chi Minh highway the final stepwell that was leaving Hanoi I had never ridden a motorbike before in my life.

Welcome to the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, there are over 4 million bikes in this city ‘just going to cross the road’ and now I owned one.

and had to learn how to ride it and get it out of this city.

after working out how my biked worked and navigating my way out of Hanoi I soon started to figure out the Vietnamese highway code.

‘fucking hell’ rule one use the horn, use it for overtaking, undertaking, going through an intersection, use it whenever.

They don’t use their mirror at all.

rule two ride with confidence if you are going to cross the junction do it doesn’t hesitate and if you’re going to overtake someone just do it done slow down! the last rule well if it’s bigger than you then it will win! ‘so I’ve made it to then how, erm, than hoa has absolutely nothing in it, well no, it has it just a big smelly Asian city.

erm, it’s a bit frustrating I like to meet travelers when I’m traveling and I don’t like it when I arrive in cities and I can’t find anyone around and then you have to stay in places like this eventually I will get somewhere where there are other travelers, maybe.

It was at this stage of the trip where I learned my first lesson of three.

lesson one, embrace loneliness I hadn’t found anyone to motorbike down Vietnam with.

There was nobody to talk to and at first, I hated it! I was having this incredible experience, own company but nobody to share it with it was isolating, after a while though I began to own companyI had time to think.

And be spontaneous.

‘just had a nice coffee erm with someone who just saw me driving and was like yeah come and have a coffee with me then he paid for it, he was lovely! erm think his name was tom.

‘ being alone developed this sense of freedom within me I no longer needed other people to validate my own experiences, it was liberating and this feeling of isolation dissipated.

Once I learned to live in the moment socializing became a perk and not a necessity.

‘the fun with highway one starts, trucks galore’this was where I learnt my second lesson, I wanted to do the high van pass, I’d seen it on top gear and people said it was one of the most beautiful coastal passes in the world the only thing about getting to this pass is that I had to go along highway one to get to it! now the really nasty thing about highway one is how the road can suddenly become a tangle of trucks.

one minute I had the entire road to myself and was having an amazing time, the next I’d be ridiculously close to being pushed off a mountain by a truck! it was at this point I lost complete confidence in whether I could continue to ride a bike down Vietnam.

‘I don’t know what to do, erm, I’m currently in Hoi An, and not particularly sure if I want to continue to ride down Vietnam.

erm partly because when I was riding along highway one I had a few scary moments, erm a few like close encounters the problem is I don’t want to die!’ I was completely freaked out the realisation of just how dangerous this trip was started to dawn on me I couldn’t stop wondering why I hadn’t had an accident yet, was it luck or my good judgment.

I decided to believe in both and well this was my second lesson, ‘so I made the decision, that I would continue erm not get the night bus, or not sell my bike.

Still got black rose there! ‘i think that was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, driving in the dark’ turn it on, do you think, yeh? my trip was coming to an end and this was where I learned my final lesson ‘it’s going to be sad saying goodbye to Black Rose, erm I don’t really want to say goodbye! It’s been such a good trip, so many awesome memories I don’t need to justify why I rode a motorbike down Vietnam the consequences involved in if I crash or extra but if it’s something you want to do then you have to do it.

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