Vietnam and Laos 2015 [GER/ENG] – Part 1 – The journey begins



Traveling the world by motorbike The journey begins! Finally! We arrived in Saigon The day after tomorrow we will fly to Hanoi and then we will buy some motorbikes and travel through Laos and Vietnam.

Jaaaa, SAIGON! We are in the party street and this is what it looks like.

It is very loud here and very crazy and strange people, but we will film a bit to show you the nice little things, for example. the squid sellers.

They are always very friendly but their squid STINKS! So, we are going up to the SkyDeck in Saigon and this elevator is going up super fast.

49th floor! It hurts my ears.

OWWW! Crazy!! Holy shit! Actually, I’m not afraid of heights, but this is.

We were shot up here by the elevator in 3 seconds, right?! Janet: super.

Bine: horrible.

Wahnsinn, Madness! Wohooo, we bought two scooters.

For 680 Euro.

NOW, the exciting part of the trip begins.

Let’s go to the North, into the mountains of Sapa.

We’re stuck! 70 km North of Hanoi 48 hours of heavy rain I will show you now where we live.

and how it looks here.

We are stuck here, because of its raining cats and dogs.

This is where our “beasts” rest.

This is our raingear.

Janet names it rain tuxedo! that’s it: This is our hotel and it looks good, but it is unfortunately not so good as it looks.

We go to our room now, where Janet is organizing a bit.

And here we are.

The room is quite ok we are happy with it, especially because we have a crazy light show.

One moment, this off, light show on.

Isn’t that cool? Well, that”s the bathroom.

Also fine, with a good shower actually we are happy.

What do we find stupid? Ah ha, the mattresses are like a piece of wood.

I don’t know if you can see this, but it doesn’t give way, maybe 1 mm, but that”s it! We do have some chaos here because we are drying all our wet stuff and we just found out that the air conditioning can be used as a heating as well, that’s why we can warm up a bit now.

We haven’t seen the sun for five days.

We are freezing and we would like to do something but we can’t, because on the scooter everything will be wet again because now it’s raining for 48 hours I am so bored!!! Hopefully tomorrow we can go on with our trip, and the rain period in the North of Southeast Asia is over.

See you.


Will the sun EVER shine again? Find out in part 2.

Source: Youtube