Vietnam and Laos 2015 [GER/ENG] – Part 2 – The way to Sapa

Traveling the world by motorbike After 3 days and 2 nights we finally can go back on the road!!! It stoped raining.

BUT!!! Our first motorcycle breakdown came quicker than we thought.

We are stranded! Somewhere in the mountains, we still have 60 km to go, and the front wheel of Janets scooter is flat.

We are here with a LOOOOT of children.

And they don’t understand our stress, they just say Xin chào! Hello! Lets see how this will end.

I think the scooter is repaired.

Everything repaired? I hope we can go on now, but we will have to leave our little friends here.

We are here in Lao Cai and we will drive to Sapa now and on the way we will try to make some cool pictures.

Have fun.

Good morning from Sapa.

Today we will have a day without traveling, just drive around a bit, visit some waterfalls, and this is our room.

Here is the bathroom, yes, it’s a little bit spartanic, but somehow chic.

But, as usual in Asia, something is broken, and here it is the toilet seat.

This is our bed.

with heatable.

Cheers, darling.

With electric blanket, because it’s so damn cold here.

And, this is our balcony and this is our view.

Unfortunatly in the mountains it’s always very misty, blue sky often comes only in the afternoon.

I don’t know if you can see it good enough through the camera, but this is typical high inversion fog.

Curious about Sapa? See more in part 3!.

Source: Youtube