Vietnam and Laos 2015 [GER/ENG] – Part 3 – Sapa

Traveling the world by motorbike In this episode we will show you a bit of Sapa, a beautiful city in the North of Vietnam.

Unfortunately, the weather is often very bad.

Two days before we arrived here, it snowed.

Bine: camera ok? Janet: I think so 🙂 In the mountains, it’s freaking cold, Can you see what I’m wearing? Unfortunately, the view is a bit bad.

Sapa is popular for its rice fields.

With the help of many colleagues and friends, Janet and me collected 280 glasses in the Netherlands for Vietnam and Laos.

The first part of them goes to a little hospital in Sapa.

What a joy !!! Thanks to all our collectors, specially to my colleagues (Blauwbörgje) in Groningen, NL.

After 5 beautiful days in Sapa, we decided, to go towards the South! It’s way too cold here: in the night 3-4 degrees, in the daytime max.

10 degrees.

We need more warmth! What will be our next goal? Find out in episode 4.

Source: Youtube