Vietnam and Laos 2015 [GER/ENG] – Part 4 – Heading off to Laos

Traveling the world by motorbike We decided to go from now on southwards.

There is one bordercrossing we know for sure we can cross into Laos by motorbike.

But it is still a long way to go! Isn't it beautiful here? And the best is, that's the view from our balcony.

Last time we slept in this little, dirty, ugly thing and it was freakin' cold.

This is the new hotel and it is way better.

Here's what it look like.

Janet, wave please! Ok, thanks We will enjoy this beautiful view a bit longer now.

We just drove 25 km through a roadconstruction site, everywhere in Europe this road would be closed.

We had our bikes cleaned yesterday, but now they look shitty again.

They look better cleaned, but nevermind, they are fine.

The road was no pleasure at all, we were both in a bad mood and started bitchfighting.

It's now 100 km left to the Lao border and there we will go now.

I thought that we have passed the roadconstruction site, But i was wrong.

100 km more to the Lao border.

100 km Roadconstruction.

What a ride! Holy crap! Na Meo/Nam Soi bordercrossing between Vietnam and Laos They said we need the red import/export book for the motrobikes.

We didn't have it, but we had 20 USD 🙂 Flat tire! It's getting dark! We have to drive 2 more hours to the next Lao city.

Do we have to sleep on the street? Tune in next time.

Source: Youtube