Vietnam and Laos 2015 [GER/ENG] – Part 6 – The way to Luang Prabang

Traveling the world by motorbike LIVE from the scooter! In the mountains of Laos.

It’s fantastic here, but still super cold.

We are driving now to Luang Prabang.

It should be around 30 degrees every day over there.

We still have to drive the whole day, but we will make it! Anyways, it’s great fun here, but let’s hope that this time we really leave the mountains behind us.

To be able to sit on a scooter, wearing just a t-shirt and short pants would be a dream.

This cold weather has gotten annoying after 2 weeks.

Now, we will drive on.

At the gas station.

We are standing here in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the Lao mountains.

Suddenly there’s an ice cream man driving our way! We had a short break in this little hut.

There is nothing here, and it’s super hot.

And then this ice cream man arrived! I still can not believe THAT! Thanks for the ice.

We are stranded again, this time in a little mountain village.

Janets front tire is flat look what we have here, baby chicken! We are the sensation in this village, but luckily we found someone who can help us out and is now repairing our scooter.

Here’s what the town looks like, that’s about it.

We are at 2000 meters.

What is this? This is cool.

There’s something going on with the tire, we have no clue what he’s doing.

Janet: something is melted on it.

Bine: did you see something like this before? Janet: NO! Bine: me neither.

Now the magic is over again.

It was like a little block with some flammable stuff in it and then the man burned it.

How crazy is that! ( I think he asked us if we can speak Lao) No, no Lao.

Thank you, kop chai.

So now we can continue, hopefully.

50 km to go.

In the next episode you will see the most beautiful waterfall of our lives.

Don’t miss my jump!.

Source: Youtube