Vietnam and Laos 2015 [GER/ENG] – Part 8 – Vientiane


Traveling the world by motorbike From Luang Prabang we drove to Vang Vieng Laos party city number 1 After only a few hours we decided to leave the next day Drunk people, high on drugs are running around half naked not caring at all about Lao culture and customs So, that was our Vang Vieng adventure We are NOT enjoying it here, we had already paid for two nights but will now continue on to Vientiane where we will meet Mona .

Nothing more to say about Vang Vieng It’s an annoying city filled with idiotic tourists We noticed a lot of “hot pants bitches” here, that’s what we like to call them 😉 They cut off their jeans so short that it looks super slutty Janet and me are getting bad moods from these hot pants bitches That’s the reason we’re driving to Vientiane early, yeah! Bye bye Vang Vieng, we will not meet again We are stuck again.

Janet’s front tire is flat and is getting repaired here We have to drive 100 km to Vientiane it’s 1 pm and front tires sometimes just don’t make it 🙂 Beautiful here, as you can see.

We are still on our way to Vientiane (capital city) and now Janet’s back tire is flat.

We have only 30 km to go, it’s still early, so we are relaxed.

We made it! Vientiane! Our new friends Andrew and Beth 🙂 (Australia) We are looking for a new bike.

Mona is getting my old scooter and I bought THAT! Where are we Janet? At the airport of Vientiane.

And we will pick up Mona here.

Totally CRAZY.

Which one is Mona’s plane? It’s not on there.

wow, how exciting! Everything ok? Mona: OF COURSE! Let’s go South.

We need to drive 30km to Paksane and then 60km to Pakkading.

Let’s go! In the next episode we will drive the Thakhek – Loop You don’t know what that is? Tune in next time to find out!.

Source: Youtube