Vietnam and Laos 2015 [GER/ENG] – Part 5 – Plain of Jars

Traveling the world by motorbike.

We didn’t have to sleep on the street last night.

But we had to drive 2 more hours in the dark and that is very dangerous.

The roads are really bad and many people drive with lights off.

We gave some glasses away again.

This time to a small hospital in Vieng Xai.

Yeeeees, here we are again, LIVE from the scooter, in the mountains, where my scooter is crawling up with 10km/h.

We are on our way to Phonsavan.

Unfortunately, everything takes very long, it took us 4 hours to drive 100km.

The roads are really bad, it goes, up, down, right, left, you can never drive just straight ahead, always up or down.

I will show you this, such holes are EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME! I hope we will leave the mountains soon because we are traveling with them for 2 weeks now, every single day.

I can’t stand serpentines anymore.

I’m looking forward to flat land and there we will go now! Janet found something on the road, we can’t bring it because it’s half dead.

We find it disgusting and it’s this: That’s a small snake hit by a car I would say.

What was in there? No one knows that! Scientists still don’t know what these Jars were made for.

Some people say they were made for food storage, other people say they were used for burial purposes, and again others say that the jars have a ritual or religious relevance.

When I look at this here it seems that there was some sort of lid on it.

We just visited the “Plain of Jars” number 3 and I would like to explain you this sign.

There were a lot of American bombs which did not explode when they hit the ground.

Approximately 30 % of the bombs they threw didn’t explode and lie around here somewhere.

To make this area accessible, they have searched everything.

They found 22 unexploded bombs and 6863 pieces of scrap.

Now, this area is cleared and you can find such markings on the paths.

Always walk between the white sides of the stones, on the red sides you should NEVER stand or walk.

In the next episode we are traveling to Luang Prabang I would appreciate some comments or likes :).

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