boy in blue and white shirt playing near on body of water with boy in red shirt
Photo by Pixabay on Whats going on now ?

Well with my free time which is absolutely zilch and nada. I usually am cramming new things into my brain. I am focusing now on this blog as well, (not only with the means to chronicle my journey but to also give my brains a regurgitative out flow.  Gross I know but then its swallowed back again to understand fully.)

The things that are being focused on. See if my savings are making money from Forex. I stopped trading and have a different method which will be covered on with that topic” Forex” at a later point. Now I will leave it and get back to what I came to put down. (money on my mind…can you tell?)

OK so what I do with my measly little free time is learn study try and absorb. Really !!!

I use these and they are not links but, if any one wishes to have the links then I will update them with links.

  1. Udemy
  2. Youtube
  3. Unity dev
  4. Xcode dev
  5. Android dev
  6. Language courses

These really do help with whatever you want to learn. I do see that most of these do not explain every step and it seems like there is a need for that. They usually skip somethings often assuming we know this and that.

Anyways when time permits I will go through everything and even my learning process with each of these sites. Maybe could help you as well. Like the pic above learning without a certain amount of hesitation would be great, the innocence of a mold-able brain rather than something that’s already solidifying.