Hey guys, "okay gem"? I always say here on the channel on How to Save Money.

And today I'm going to tell the story of how was my trip between Laos and Vietnam saving money.

I was in Laos, in the town called Vang Vieng and I had two options to go to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Option 1: take a bus to Vientiane and catch a plane to Hanoi, which would take about 5 hours or less, Or I had the option 2: take a bus from Vang Vieng to Vientiane and another bus from Vientiane to Hanoi.

Price difference: the price with the plane would be, more or less, $ 120 you would spend and the price to go bus only It would be $ 20.

What I chose? Go by bus, of course! But there begins my journey.

The bus arrived late, and was not a bus but a mini van, and I went to Vientiane.

My luck is that, Coincidentally, when I made the crossing Chiang Mai, Thailand to Vientiane, Laos, I met three very nice boys who are from England and that three boys were in the same bus and I was also going to Hanoi, so I I would not be completely alone because I already knew them.

After three hours traveling in the van we arrived in Vientiane.

We arrived and they said "is here waiting.

" It was kind of a small hut and had a woman who was selling sweets, chocolate and biscuits and only.

We did not know what time to leave the bus.

But what happened when you traveling with these airlines in Vietnam they give you a piece of tiny paper is the proof of your passage.

But this proof is not with you.

You need to deliver to the driver as you enter on the bus, for her to see you paid.

What did I do? I took my receipt and handed it to the driver the van, only the boy had to give me another role Saying that I would catch another bus from Vientiane to Hanoi.

These three boys had the second paper, I alone did not.

Because? Because I tried to explain to people that they They forgot to give me the proof.

Only you Laos is a non tourist country, which the possibility I spoke English? Almost zero! English was bad, they did not understand my English, I did not understand English them, my friends tried to help me and they also They did not understand their English and I desperate because I needed this voucher to enter the second bus.

And there came a motorcycle guy, saying that the organization was this tour group and went to check if we had arrived.

At that time I was talking to this guy I was out my voucher.

This guy was super, hyper, mega educated like a horse kick told me I had to buy another ticket because I was lying.

At that time I started to get worried because I was Laos, needing to go to Hanoi because if not I was not, would hinder my organization how many days I had in each country.

The boy did not want to give me another voucher, I had no more buses on the same day, even if I had to buy back the ticket and I started to get desperate, "What I'll do???".

If that was not a problem, Could be worse!! We got all this time under the stall But Laos is very hot.

We were hungry in the sun burning the skin, not knowing what to do and unbeknownst to me What was I going to do.

I do not know if I'd better catch my backpack and go to a hostel.

At that time arrived a tuk-tuk.

At that time I started using the following tactics: since they do not have the voucher and since no one believes that I had this voucher I'll be quiet! I will not mention this to anyone else.

I'll get on the bus and only time that I'm there I will warn you that I am without the voucher.

And then it was time to get on the bus and the boy asked me proof, "I have not.

" I explained that the boy the first van was with my role and it has not given me another, but I paid to go to Hanoi.

He confirmed I should have got five people in the stall and then I was one of them is right, you paid and then I understand myself the guy the bus.

And then began the journey but the border between Laos and Vietnam closes overnight.

We spent the night at the border, sleeping on the bus to wait for the border to open, the next day.

At the time we opened the border we went there to show your passport, visa (because you have to take in advance), only the drivers of the other bus tourism was a bruiser! They arrived with 50 passports, pushing you out of the window and were with a hand hitting the table, waiting for the passport them, and that way you were "thrown" back, and back, and back! We were the first to arrive on immigration, at 7 am, it was only out of there around 10am.

This was the Laos side because you still had to get your bag, crossing the border on foot, because they have to monitor inside the bus if you have something illegal, cross on foot the border with all your bags and, upon arriving in Vietnam, through the same process.

The same thugs were there pushing you, again! Conclusion, we left the border almost noon.

We got on the bus and continued the journey.

Have you noticed that I spoke out of Vang Vieng at 10 am.

Do you know what time I arrived in Hanoi? 8 pm the next day and I had no hotel to stay in Hanoi.

But let's go back to the beginning of history and tell what is the moral of the story.

The moral of the story is: to save money I got a bus of 36 hours of travel.

See, I really I try to save money, this is no lie, I do not tell bullshit.

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Kiss and until next time!.

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