Want to know how to travel in Southeast Asia? So keep watching this video.

Hey guys're bijou? In the video today I will continue talking about my travelogue and I'll start talking about Southeast Asia.

As I stayed there a long time so I'll split into two videos.

In the video today I'll talk about: Singapore, northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam In Singapore, when I arrived, I was staying in Chinatown and the tours I did in Singapore were: Chinatown, Little India, Marina Bay, Gardens, and on the last day I asked the girl's hostel somewhere it would indicate me go, because everything in Singapore is very expensive! I paid six US dollars in the first ball of ice cream, so I wanted to go in a cheaper place or some more local thing.

And she told me to go to a park.

This park was created to spread Chinese mythology.

It has several statues only, statues, They are kind of bizarre.

It is a park made for children to learn and I think that should scare all the kids, because it is bizarre! Then from there I went to Thailand and stayed in Bangkok a few days.

And in Bangkok I did the tour go in the Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha.

After Bangkok I caught a van and went for a walk a day in Ayutthaya.

If you have opportunity will in this city because it is very cool.

Full of very ancient temples and it is there that has that figure, super famous, buddha head in the middle of the roots of a tree.

And after that I took a train and went to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

I met Tiger Kingdom, made a day of meditation in the center.

And I made a day trip to go to Chiang Rai.

In Chiang Rai you know: the White Temple, the "giraffe women" and you get to the border of Thailand and Myanmar.

After that I got a van and crossed the border with Laos, I went to the city of Vientiane and my higher purpose, to go in this city, It was to get the visa in Vietnam.

After that I went to Vang Vieng, which it is a fantastic city and I think everyone should know.

Because? Because there are 24 party.

There has amazing scenery, and I was at the Blue Lagoon, which is wonderful, and there I made the famous walk the river you down the river on a float.

Grace is that, in every part of the river has a different bar.

So you can go there in the bar, have a beer, have fun with your friends and then picks up the float and goes to the next bar.

Now you will ask me "Oh, but not dangerous this story to drink and then go in the river? Will you drown.

" The river is very rasinho.

So there's no way you drown because the river will hit more or less at its waist.

And after Vang Vieng It was my famous trip.

It took 36 hours for me to leave Vang Vieng and arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam.

In Hanoi I was doing the tour to go to Ha Long Bay, and there is considered one of the 7 natural wonders.

So it's wonderful and you should go.

As in Vietnam I was a little rushed, I could not down the coast of Vietnam, but I think if you have the opportunity, you must do this because Vietnam is a wonderful place and that everyone should visit.

So I took the plane and went straight to Ho Chi Minh City.

In Ho Chi Minh City I did the ride to go in the Vietnam War tunnels The tunnels are well little ones and They are narrow.

I was also at the War Museum and it's amazing you discover, closely, what people spent that time so hard and that has consequences to date because of "Agent Orange" that the United States played there.

And it's in the Vietnam War, if you do not know, What's that famous picture of a little girl running naked down the street, on fire.

I'll let the picture here for you to see.

I hope you have enjoyed this part of the story.

In the next video I'll talk about Cambodia, Myanmar and the beaches of Thailand, so do not miss! If you want to know anything related to expenses I'll leave here in the video description, a google spreadsheet which is exactly how I spent a day, so it's just you go and will check how much each thing.

Down here, you know, I'll leave the last two videos that I did.

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