Thank you for saving me.

I'm here to save you Hello Hello Here we are in Luang Prabang Rumi, how's Laos so far? It's beautiful Yeah, it's really beautiful there it is, out of the back of a taxi so we're on a taxi right now and we're gonna go see the waterfalls Yaaaaaaay!~ Woooo So we found the waterfalls it was like an hour on that little taxi really bumpy ride, no seat belts but the waterfalls are amazing We made it to the top Yes! Look at that! That is Kuang si waterfall Yes So they're really famous in Luang Prabang and it's totally worth the one hour in the back of a pick up truck jumping all over the place yeah, a rough ride and getting sick it was a very rough ride.


but totally worth it mhmm Can we just say Laos is ridiculous I can't say that It's so fancy So fancy, yes.

Because we are FANCY We're so fancy Mhmm, that's right you don't even know I didn't know that but it doesn't focus okay Kathy.

what do you think of Laos so far? I really like Laos Hey Rumi Morning what time is it 5:30 no.

6 6 What did we just do? Oh, we saw the giving ceremony.

What's so special about it? um it was recognized as a World Heritage.


Site? I guess it's a site, even though it's not actually a site but it's a World Heritage.

Thing so it was kind of cool Yeah! It was so cool but unfortunately it started raining we can see it tomorrow if you want I don't know if I can wake up at 5:30 again Let's get back to sleep We're going back to sleep it was cool really cool We're on a boat we're going fast we're going to the caves Yaaaaaa we've come by boat to the caves now I have really.

long stairs to go up and we might die before we get there still gotta go up there hopefully we make it wish us luck please we somehow made it into the cave andit's really dark and scary and oh my phone wasn't even facing we have to use our phones for light so we're gonna check out what else is in this cave right now it's a lot more statues Ok, anyways back We're back that was spooky so.

Let's explore the cave wait we have to shine it doesn't really work there lots of statues and then I think we gotta go this way I'm so scared We can't actually go any further, thankgoodness, 'cause we really scared now yikes Hi Mom! Hii~ She's sweating a lot So are we I'm not We're sweating a lot look at that sweat Yeah, nice climb otsukaresama the storm came really fast we got soaked we got.


a little bit soaked I already dried off a bit BUT it was really sudden all of a sudden it was just cloudy and rainy and pouring like really hard Yeah, in two minutes seriously we're sitting eating yeah a beautiful lunch that tasted so good and then all of a sudden downpour look It's because Laos is so tropical but it was really fun eeeeee~~~~~ We just got drinks this is apple lemon mint and this is mango.

Lemon? and my mom's.


mango banana.

something this is good mhmm yum and we shopped a lot a lot but these are from these fresh fruit stands Look! So cool.

Yum Excellent $1 about.

Right now we're on an elephant kawaiiiii~ [cuuuute~] mimi [her ears] I have a banana for yoooouuuu You're cute We're at a temple.

What's it called?! Wat Mai Whatchaname?! Wat Maaii.

whatchaname What chyour name? What chyour name.

I'm Akiko.

Hello Akiko.

eh? Whatcha name? Nice.

So it's really hot and we're at a temple Yeah, we're kinda tipsy I'm not.

It's impossible it's too hot to be looking at temples now Thanks Laos Weeee Is it yummy? Yummy yum yum yum yum Mango Orange! Mango Orange? What kind? Mango pineapple.

dragon fruit OoooOOOOooooh, exotic and you got focus? Ok, mine is lemon.

Orange? It's really refreshing Passion fruits mango And yours? Watermelon mint! ah yay ah yay ah yay ah yay watermelon mint ah yay Right? K, I'll show you.

right now we're at Wat Sene Wat Sene It's really nice We thought this was THE Wat Xieng but this is Wat Sene.

It's still really nice but it's not THE nicest.

so look at.

Look at here.

And come over here, let's look at the Big Buddha Excuse me Mom Sorry! ii, ok! [No problem, Ok] Look at the Big Buddha, he's standing SO tall, like Yuki said.

So straight.

So straight and tall.

Wait let's go look at the other buildings Come with me.

Come with me! So I think this over here is the mainbuilding.

it's so golden and beautiful and past this building the monks were climbing in trees and like doing their chores.

It's really cool buthopefully we can find THE nicest temple in Luang Prabang and figure out why this is a WorldHeritage Site Okay so we found it.

What's this called? Wat Xieng Thong Wat Xieng Thong.

This is the famous temple.

The most beautiful one.

The most beautiful one.

This is why Luang Prabang is a World Heritage Site.

Right? One of the big reasons.


One of the reasons, not the only reason, one of the big reasons why it's a World Heritage sit.

So look.

This beautiful gold templebehind me this big courtyard, you can see the mountains in the distance and it's a really beautiful so we're gonna go check it out.

Let's go.

I don't know if I'm supposed to be quietI just feel like I am.

But these statues and this back wall are really impressive and look at this.

boat up here.

This, like, gold ship.

Whooo, oooh, the sun.

The sun.

really impressive it's world heritage See? Luang Prabang town of World Heritage Found it.

and then you find a place like this and youjust have to say Laos beautiful.

Look at that.

It's amazing.

One bowl each anything you want for a little over a dollar.

We made it to Vientiane! Yaaaaaay! After Luang Prabang After Luang Prabang And it's very different.

SO different.

Like, Luang Prabang was very small, everything was really close together andeverything was super cheap and here in Vientiane, it's like a bigger city you can kind of see.

There's a lot more cars There's this big ol' traffic circle and there's an arc over there.

What's that called? I have no idea.

No idea.

Well, we'll figure it out then.

Okay so we learned the name.

What's it called? Patuxai Aaaand what's it modeled after? In Paris? In Paris.

The Arc de Triumph That one.

So it's really cool that there's.

it's based off of something from France in Laos.

This is what's at the top of the Arc.

we were not expecting this So finally we made it to the top after two floors of.

what is that? Just souvenir shopping.

which really tricked us, we were worried for a second.

We made it to the top so now we can look out at the cityyyy.

So, somehow there's more to this.

we were down there but now we're here and we can actually go up a little bit further so we're gonna go also check out what's at the top.

It's really hot.

So the top top isn't actually very much it's just tiny little room with these small windows but we can see kind of a lot more of the city maybe? Let's take a look.

Some people would say Rumi is the worst.

But I'm not that mean but I'm the worst sort of so we left the cool air conditioned cafe.

to come look at this really nicebuilding temple museum thing Called That Luang Called That Luang but it's closed from 12 to 1 just started It's like, just now 12 o'clock eheh.

so we're gonna wait around in the scorching hot and humid weather until it opens again Oh Rumi~ Oh Rumi Alright so we are at one end of the street market the night market in Vientiane.

Huge difference between this one and the one in Luang Prabang quality is much higher.

The size is much higher.

The stuff is much different.

It's just.

may be better? And they have price tags as well.

They have price tags.

That's surprising.

So Let's go shopping.

I guess.

Hooooooo, it's so hot! Boiling hot! We're at the Buddha Park, sothere's this big thing behind us we're gonna go inside and then there'sso many Buddha statues all around here It's really cool It's really cool, it's just really hot.

So let's go check it out Eh, chotto abunai! [Ah, yikes!] waaa wueeee ugh Woooohhh It's hot.

Oh it's high actually.

What do you think? It's gorgeous.

It's gorgeous.

And hot.

I think this is something we definitely were not expecting to see Were you expecting to see this? Nope.


Let's look.

Exercise class.

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