Sabaidee! (Hello in Laos) Hello, Pretties! I was on a trip to Laos, and so many things happened Well, I lost my money and passport during my trip You can lose your money during the trip But it's not OK with your passport! So it was a bit hard for me to travel around, But I really loved every moment in Laos And I'm quite tanned now Anyway, let's get started! First, I'll show you some of my Luang Prabang night market haul Kitties! I tried to match each one to my 4 cats They're so pretty and elaborate I can't even imagine how much effort they put into these And I love this purse.

Beautiful! Look at this embroidery depicting how people live And these are my ultimate favorite handicrafts It's kinda like children's books These are cloth books I love its delicate embroidered pictures I'm amazed by their talent and the way colors are matched This one is about travelling Laos You can see things to see and do in Laos And finally going back to home This one is about home How pretty! I really should have bought some more These are tiny little brooches! So cute! Cat! And another tiny little embroidered people It says, "I love you" These are the handicrafts that I should have got some more, too Handmade bracelets from the night market in Luang Prabang Aren't they just lovely? Look at all these tiny stitches! I love the colors and delicate patterns Which really vary depending on the shop Usually, young ladies sell the prettiest ones And here's another Luang Prabang night market haul! It's a 100% cotton muffler It can be worn anytime, very casual I love its crispness And this is a messenger bag It's kinda saggy, and great for summer In the night market, I could spot some factory-made products They all looked common But, if you really look inside and take your time You'll see some genuine Lao handicrafts like I did They're so unique And has Lao's genuine aesthetic in it Here's Lao Max Toum tea And this is a blended herb tea, which I already tried It's like a ginger tea, and I love its spicy and strong taste Here's Laos green tea I loved it when I was served my breafast with it You mix these two together when brewing up Duty free shop haul.

First, a cleansing milk I've told you million times that I don't use foaming cleansers I mentioned about it on my skincare videos I use this La Roche Posay cleansing milk In the morning and at night, too It's good for getting rid of all the makeup I cleanse twice with it when getting rid of makeup It leaves a layer of moisture on your skin And doesn't dehydrate your skin Still, you can remove all your makeup with cotton pads Of course, you need an eye makeup removal first And here's my ultimate favorite concealer by Laura Mercier If i had to choose only one concealer in the world, this would be! Rather than masking your whole face with heavy foundations Use a foundation or tinted moisturizer of your choice And do pin-point concealing only where needed That's how your skin can look flawless in a really natural way Here's Kevyn Aucoin highlighter Celestial powder in Candlelight, It's good for a natural, effortless look Which gives you a real glow that looks like yours It gives you a kinda similar effect When you use a shimmer base before your foundation But I wanted this too, because Sometimes I need more control when applying a highlighter It could also work as an eyeshadow And I love to highlight my brow bones with it It looks so real, that it could be a bland products for some people But I love it because it's subtle Here's a list of things that I need to film I always have so many things to share with you! Anyway, I'll be back with a mascara how-to tutorial My lashes look so perfect, always! FYI, at last, my NOTD is from Deborah Lippmann It's called Bad Romance With a jelly black base, it has lots of glitters in different sizes So, that was my Laos and duty free shop haul If you have any question or things to say, Leave a comment below See you!.

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