Well guess what? Yup like I said my minds always busy and sometimes you just forget the small important stuff. Like the keys to your apartment while you throw the trash out.

Ha ha so I am stuck out side waiting for my landlord and the extra keys. Everything happens for a reason right? It’s fine I got to walk around the compound of the place I am living at and take some pics and forced to pullback my active brain to shut up and sit !

Waiting is something I detest to the level there is no level but I have to now. I didn’t realize my environment was actually super nice.

The saying wake up smell the coffee is quite apt . Sometimes guess, God or the universe or what ever you believe in just makes you chill out .

I do love the water and the temperature of Bangkok this time of the year it’s awesome.

Yes I am feeling relaxed and slow my brains not thinking of the million and the plans I have . Just sitting listening to the tug boats and water splashing.

I do believe everything happens for a reason !

I was going to upload old blogs into sections and repost them, guess it’s now to think things over and see how.

Will decide when my brain reaches the next active threshold “yawn”