Me and my friend, James has retired And travel around the world has been 9 months Castaway Island, Halong Bay, Vietnam One of the key points to visit when in Hanoi is Halong Bay 1 of 7 natural wonders of the world From our hostel, we book a 3 days 2 nights tour to the island Castaway We will ride takes 4 hours If you need anything from now until the rest stations, you should get them now Again with you, my name is Gay, ok? Good, right? We will prepare to ship.

It will take approximately 4 hours by boat to the island to Castaway.

That is the name that we are going to the island it? Well, Castaway Island Well ok, Castaway Island Castaway Island Halong Bay If the weather is good, we can be on the deck, playing cards and drinking games Snow! And these are the ones in the same trip There are 3 rules of the game during the trip Not to say the word 'ten' (ten) or not you will have to push-ups 10 times And you can not say the word.

dammit (he realized he had said the word 'ten') So I will have to push 20 the Law followed by the word 'mine' (My) If you say the word 'mine', you will have to push 10 times One thing is not it? What? It's mine 3rd Law and is the most important law From now on no one was drinking with his right hand But to drink with his left hand If you see anyone drinking from the right hand, just shout 'Buffalo' That person will be fined drank what they are drinking Almost, I was wrong.

I was going to drink like this.

He was fouled How many times, right? 2 times So to push 20 times That's the best thing in my life Bent down and push away 26.


28 I feel like I've achieved something great I would like to thank my parents, my dog ​​gave me the chance to win the honor of this game And now the dance of water that people are waiting This game of water jump shit We most approaching that Castaway Island How do you feel? Wonderful! That would be our home for the next 2 nights That, the main beaches There is where I will not swim when to shoot it We're close to where it Because on that had the guests in 1 night before They will be welcomed us to the island Welcome to the island Off camera away.

Stop going to work, do not do anymore What is your name? Karl You have been here for one night already? What is it? Terrible :)).

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