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Ideas for an App #1 YelaYela (wtf is that?)


People all over the world are thinking about one thing now, apps and whats the next big idea! People are coming up with everything you can imagine and some you cant. Anyways its weird how in past things ran with straight forward business models and today its all about spending what you don’t have to capture the world market.

My idea for a app which I am working on is based on on demand technologies. its decentralized because it allows the user to work and do whats needed with out the middle man. The middle man is something every app wants to be because they can collect money and skim from the top and pay others. My idea is simple, you use the app get your rides and your jobs, rent out your spaces and sell your products and pay me a subscription fee for a duration for the privilege of my app bringing you the customer and vendor together. Simple as that.  its a Zero Start to a Billon dollar app.

My app is named Yela

What Yela the app is ?


An all ondemand decentralized network of 4 different services using a mesh and normal networks platform. Solving the problem,

  • connecting vendors with consumers for products,
  • employers with employes for services,
  • renters with renties for spaces and last but not least
  • people who can supply transport of logistics of any kind to the person who needs it.

Creating jobs. Getting people to work/sell/rent to fill the credit on their phones making a mobile payment culture.

Removing the skim from the value created but to allow people to have more freedom and pay for what they value.

Lastly adding in a Block-chain wallet with Yela coin creating a peer to peer economy with subscription based business model, allowing people to be in charge of what they charge and how they get paid.

Hmmm sounds like a huge platform it sure is.  Weird when approached by VC they want simple idiot proof apps yet most of them are using complicated productivity apps on smartphones.

I guess its also difficult to put words together to describe such a huge thing in a 30 second pitch.