This summer I'm going with my mother to see grandma Laos, This is the second time I see her, we have not been back for two years, Last time I passport, visa and buy tickets no problem.

We sat for a long flight, to the Laos I was tired, but I'm okay.

I remember the first meeting with a lot of relatives, see our grandmother when she smiles happy.

They are very good to me, My uncle is when our tour guide, took us to see some very interesting places.

Rural grandmother, quiet and beautiful, we often walk there.

We want to come back when grandma cry.

I think this is easier than the last to Laos.

In addition to a passport because they do not need to take care of my friend.

He is my friend, but I do not want to talk with him trip.

We took her to Laos last time at the beginning there is no problem, But to Laos after his do nothing.

Because he did not want to spend money, so you have to pay for activities that we can not go.

This time I will buy air tickets online, I would like a ticket almost thirteen hundred dollars.

I do not like to take a lot of things, so I would not worry about overweight luggage.

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