Traveling the world by motorbike Just drive! Just drive! We are close to Vietnam.

We are at the border between Laos and Vietnam and we are a bit afraid.

We heard stories about border scams such as: you're allowed to leave one country but are not allowed to bring your bike with you.

so you will be forced to sell your bike for almost nothing.

We were very nervous, a bit scared almost! Lao Bao international bordergate.

hmmm, interesting! (Women try to sell me expensive Vietnamese money and pictures for the visa) Bine: we have kip (Laos currency) and dong (currency in Vietnam), thank you! We have everything.

We have, we have picture.

we have money.

hmm, well, I'd say lets drive again.

Let's go.

I don't know what to do.

I have no idea what to do! Now it's getting tense We did it! I think we did it.

We were really nervous, but I think we made it.

Just drive away from here, fast, but not too fast.

Well, that was that! And now: Good morning Vietnam! I had to show my passport, I'm guessing this is Vietnam already.

I am waiting for the girls, who are over there.


I think they are there somewhere.

We made it! First part of highway number 1 , scared the shit out of us, but we are almost in Hue.

Back in Vietnam.

Next stop Hue.

The old emperor city.

don't miss it!.

Source: Youtube