Traveling the world by motorbike! We are having a lunch break.

We had tasty meat with rice and egg.

Its nice and cosy here and this are our hosts.

"Should we ask for the bill" Bine speaks vietnamese: "the bill, please.

" Mona: "very good, Bine.

" Funny, to eat somewhere, where you don't know what the dish is, what the price is and how it tasts.

But at the end, everything was tasty.

Wasn't it? Let's go.

100 km on that road to our next destination.

Chinees New Year at Nah Trang beach.

Mot, Hai, Ba YOOOOO!!! (1,2,3 cheeeeers!!!) We are on our way to Da Lat, We started at 10 am in Nah Trang and we have no idea how long it will take.

But it's absolutly beautiful here.

In the next episode you will see dragons.

He? Thats Mrs.

Muellen? What is she doing here? And Mrs.

Koop too? You can't go anywhere alone!!! Tune in!.

Source: Youtube