Traveling the world by motorbike! Dalat, Market.

Mona and me had some snails, lobster shears, shells, other clamps, even more clamps and here we have some sweet potatoe from the BBQ.

Everything is very tasty! After 2 months and 5000 kilometer on the bikes, we reached HCMC again.

12 more kilometers to go.

That's how it is very often.

Traffic wise people are inconsiderate as hell here.

Not in normal life thou, but in traffic!!!! You have to have multitasking skills.

I am driving a bike, with gears, filming, talking, this is my navigation map, its an offline map and very helpfull.

We are driving over the Saigon River.

"Mona, they have REAL abercomie shirts there!" We are in Saigon, tomorrow we have to go home.

We both would prefer to stay here.

but i would like to show you our hotel.

There it is: the little thin thing.

We live on the top floor, Mona in the room with the little baalcanoy above the shop.

Super handy: on the other side there is a little supermarkt, where you can buy almost everything.

Beer, choclate, chips, cigarets, everything.

We are in a neighbour street of the Bui Vien Street, which i can recomment because it's a bit calmer than the party street.

We don't want to go home! We are back! We are a bit sad, our trip was AMAZING! We are also tired, but now we will eat german food.

(NO RICE :).

Source: Youtube